About Us

Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) is a futures brokerage based in Chicago that specializes in serving Introducing Brokers, institutions, professional traders and individual investors. Originally established in 1923 as Greene and Collins, Rosenthal Collins Group is one of the largest independently owned futures commission merchants (FCMs).

From our extensive experience in the commodity futures industry to our cutting-edge technology to our rock-solid financials, we invite you to see why thousands of clients trust us with their business. Although our headquarters are in Chicago, our global trading presence is evident across North America as well as Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and India.


Who We Are

Our roots are firmly planted in Chicago and grew out of the Chicago exchange trading floors, where “my word is my bond” was the guiding principle.

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Fast Facts

RCG services over 14,000 customer accounts and 150 broker relationships across the globe.  Take an at-a-glance look at the important facts about RCG.

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Rosenthal Collins Group is a Division of Marex, Marex is a privately owned broker of financial products in the commodities sector and a leader in brokering physical energy products.

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Management Team

Meet the people who bring decades of experience to bear as they inspire, conduct and manage the day-to-day business of Rosenthal Collins Group. 

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News & Media

Stay up on all the news from Rosenthal Collins Group, from press releases to market commentary on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Historical Timeline

Originally established in 1923 as Greene and Collins, RCG is one of the largest independently owned FCMs. Take a look at our over 90 years in business.

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Commodities Markets

Whether it is a commodity like gold or crude oil, a financial instrument like U.S. T-notes or a stock index like the S&P 500, there is a futures market for it that you can trade.

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Exchange Access

At Rosenthal Collins Group, you have access to the world’s leading futures exchanges on four continents. We are clearing members on 10 exchanges, including divisions of CME Group and ICE Futures.

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