Who We Are

Our roots are firmly planted in Chicago and grew out of the Chicago exchange trading floors, where “my word is my bond” was the guiding principle. Each of our founders—Leslie Rosenthal and J. Robert Collins—learned the business from the ground up. Les started his own firm, Rosenthal & Co., after many years in the futures brokerage business, while Bob joined his family’s brokerage firm, founded in 1923 as Greene and Collins. The two brought their companies together as Rosenthal Collins Group in 1988. The company remains primarily family owned.

Les Rosenthal Featured in the book: My Word is My Bond, Voices from Inside the Chicago Board of Trade. Read Chapter 16 on Les Rosenthal.

Leadership comes naturally to the executives at Rosenthal Collins Group. Our top officials have served as chairmen of Chicago’s major futures exchanges. Les Rosenthal at the Chicago Board of Trade, Bob Collins at the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange, and RCG Chairman & CEO Scott Gordon at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. These perspectives provide unparalleled experience in the futures brokerage community as well as a lasting commitment to the industry.

At Rosenthal Collins Group, we have devoted substantial resources to ensuring we are an industry leader in risk management and technology. On the risk management front, we leverage a wide range of technology to monitor the risk profile of every customer, position and product market on a 24-hour basis. On the technology front, our RCG Onyx Plus® stacks up against the best available technology for online traders.

We are dedicated to managing our company in a financially conservative and responsible manner. And, we have no qualms about sharing that information with our customers. To that end, we have posted our audited financial statements on our website since 2002. And, beginning in December 2011, we were the first futures broker to publish a detailed breakdown of our investment of customer segregated funds on a monthly basis. Soon after, we began posting this information daily. Our executive committee has a conservative philosophy, which aligns well with our capital structure. We watch your money as closely as we watch our own.

Our customers always come first. It is our mission to provide customized solutions to fit individual needs, and we believe our personal, hands-on approach is why so many of our customers stay with us for generations.

Les Rosenthal Featured in the book: My Word is My Bond, Voices from Inside the Chicago Board of Trade. Read Chapter 16 on Les Rosenthal.