Orc Trading

Orc Group provides multi-asset trading solutions and market access for proprietary trading firms, professional traders, hedge funds and market markers around the world.

The Orc Trading suite of products offers customers a high-performance trading solution for advanced futures spread trading, options on futures trading, market making, and other low-latency trading strategies.

Orc Spreader serves traders who need a fast futures spread trading solution; Orc Market Maker is designed for options market makers, including options on futures traders; and Orc Liquidator addresses the needs of professional traders who wish to deploy custom trading strategies.

Features At-A-Glance

  • Multiple markets on one platform
  • Click trading on all major derivatives and cash markets, MTFs and brokers
  • Predefined or custom pricing and volatility models
  • Pre-built trading logic for market making and auto-trading
  • Risk management designed for traders

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