RCG Onyx Plus

RCG Onyx Plus is one of the industry’s leading futures trading platforms. Developed and supported by Rosenthal Collins Group, this downloadable futures trading application provides futures traders with the advanced tools they need to trade global products electronically at an affordable price.

The application has been developed from extensive input from traders, brokers and developers to provide exceptional standards for speed, stability, resilience, redundancy and functionality.

Features At-A-Glance

  • Real-time and historical charting package
  • 24-hour technological and client support
  • Trailing stops and bracket orders
  • One-click execution
  • “Thermometer” shows market temperature
  • Easy viewing of market depth
  • Multiple windows for multi-market trading
  • Save, import, export customized layouts
  • Automatic updates upon login
  • Patented technology

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