Market Access API

Exceptionally fast, reliable trading with ultra-low latency is a must for proprietary and algorithmic traders, broker-dealers and institutions.

At Rosenthal Collins Group, you can access the markets you need via our RCG FIX API as well as similar interfaces to leading platform providers.

These high-performance API trading solutions let you take full control of:

  • Exchange connectivity
  • Order routing/execution
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Front-end and back-office applications
  • Custom GUI development

Our experts will work side-by-side with you to configure your front-end to the API of your choice.
Market Access API--Rosenthal Collins Group


Use our comprehensive development guide to discover supported messages, tag attributes and confirm actions taken in exception cases. Develop to the API via an internet or secure connection. Production order-routing requires a secure connection, and may include a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN).



The CQG API works with any programming language based on the Microsoft COM automated technology, with a range of API templates and Excel models available online. Third-party application development and website implementation also are supported.


X_Trader® API and TT FIX Adapter

Connect proprietary software and external systems to Trading Technology’s infrastructure with the TT FIX Adapter with open, industry-standard connectivity. Supports automated trading methods and black box modeling as well as development of custom GUIs and third-party applications.


Patsystems® API and FIX Gateway

Write in Java, C++ or Visual Basic. Create, simulate and optimize trading strategies in IQ-Trader, with Patsystems’ express language. Proprietary black box/grey box systems and front-end trading applications can connect via the FIX Gateway. Integrates seamlessly with Patsystems Pro-Mark.


Orc Trade Access and Orc FIX Access

Orc Trade Access provides access to any of Orc’s low-latency market gateways via a normalized protocol.  Firms will benefit from the ability to connect low-latency trading systems to new trading venues, be able to capture new opportunities without costly development projects and see a reduced cost of ownership for market access.  Orc FIX Access provides connectivity to FIX-enabled EMS’ or OMS’ to Orc’s global set of market gateways covering all major asset classes.


Continuum API

Continuum offers trade execution and data distribution for order execution and market data platforms, applications and proprietary systems. Continuum leverages co-located Hosted Exchange Gateways as well as access to over a hundred sources for global market data and over four exchanges for trade routing.


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