Technology Overview

Our roots are in open-outcry trading pits so we understand the importance of location in executing trades as quickly as possible. Back then, it mattered where you stood in the pit and your sightlines. Today, it’s all about server technology and co-location.

Data Center

In 2013, RCG constructed a new data center co-located with exchanges, technology providers and top telecommunication vendors.  In constructing this new data center, we knew that it called for: physical security that is second-to-none, redundancy for every mission-critical function, scalability to meet greater-than-peak demand levels and co-location with technology partners.

To house this facility, we selected a co-location site outside of the Chicago business district. Our location provides access to more than 130 network service providers, dense concentrations of financial services companies, cloud service providers, content providers and IT service providers. RCG links with many exchanges, clearinghouses, brokers and financial institutions that share this state-of-the-art location to maximize service and minimize the latency of telecommunications. Most importantly, we enjoy some truly extraordinary security, reliability and scalability features:

  • A data center with N+1 redundancy, with a proven, industry-leading >99.999% uptime record.
  • 3 days back-up power generation in the event of a power disruption in Chicago.
  • Biometric screening at five security checkpoints to prevent unauthorized network access.
  • 6 inches of Kevlar coating on perimeter walls in the event of a fire or explosion.
  • Automatic failover to multiple internet providers to ensure 99.99% internet uptime.
  • Excess capacity to handle spikes in demand, order flow and exchange activity.

We upgrade our server hardware regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. We also implemented enterprise-wide environmental and system monitoring to notify support staff of any system issues, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Server Co-Location

Low-latency data is an essential component in professional trading, and Rosenthal Collins Group has numerous servers co-located next to all major U.S. exchanges, minimizing the latency of telecommunications.

Business Continuity Center

We maintain a business continuity center located in the Chicago suburbs, which serves as back-up protection for our clients, in the event that we cannot perform business in our primary location. All business functions may be performed from this location, and we are able to continue to provide the high level of service our clients expect.


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