RCG IFX is the institutional foreign exchange division of Rosenthal Collins Group LLC.


RCG IFX provides execution services via direct API, voice and trading platforms. Co-located liquidity providers and clients connect to our industry leading technology via FIX or binary protocols for ultra-low latency trade execution and data protection. With access to a variety of algorithmic order capabilities we offer anonymous large trade execution. Full amount streams are available to limit market impact and information leakage.


RCG IFX has partnered with a host of tier-one liquidity providers. We require liquidity providers to achieve a variety of execution thresholds. Our liquidity team constantly monitors these requirements. By understanding each client, a dedicated execution strategy is built on trade analytics. This ensures best execution while respecting our liquidity partner’s expectations.


Our team has extensive experience in FX futures and cash markets. Eligible clients can access RCG IFX via a bilateral credit facility and prime brokerage relationships.