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Complete a new online application for a futures trading account in just five steps (about 10 minutes).new_application_graphic_2NEW APPLICANTS


Step 1—Select Account Type
To start your online application, select from one of four types of accounts offered at Rosenthal Collins Group:

  • Individual/Joint
  • Corporate
  • Partnership/LLC
  • Trust

Step 2—Create Login
Your login information—self-selected by you—will be your credentials for the online application process as well as your secure access to account information once you become a customer. Please retain this information in a secure location.

  • User ID requires 6-8 characters
  • Password requires:
    • – A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 characters
    • – Must contain three of the following: a lowercase letter (a-z), an uppercase letter (A-Z), a number (0-9), a special character
    • – Cannot include a significant portion of the User ID
  • Email address to be associated with your account
  • Answers to two security questions

Note: Once you begin an account application you will have 14 days to submit it before it is removed from our system.

Step 3—Complete Forms
Completing an account application online takes just a few minutes. Before you get started, collect information you may need, such as your driver’s license as well as account names and numbers from your bank and other brokerage relationships.

  • Use the same name on the account application as the one on the bank account you intend to use for account funding.
  • When indicated, acknowledge that you have read the information presented.
  • If you forget to complete any required information, we will highlight what is missing so you can add it.
  • If your account application requires additional documents, you will be notified by your broker or our New Accounts Department. Please send them to If you require additional assistance, please call 312-795-7930.

Step 4—Sign Electronically
Your electronic signature must be exactly the same as the name you used on the account application.

  • James Smith does not equal J. Smith or Jim Smith

Step 5—Submit
Submit your completed, electronically signed account form with the utmost confidence.

  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Submit account application

To ensure your security and privacy, we employ encryption methods, authentication procedures, network level security practices (i.e., firewalls) and periodic application security reviews.

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