Institutional Clients

We operate on a professional-to-professional basis with our institutional trading clients. Fast, reliable execution is a priority, and you’ll receive superior execution services in both open-outcry and electronic markets. Most of all, you can count on your personal account liaison to be on call to solve any problem. We treat you as we’d like to be treated.

Commodity Trading Advisor

Whether you trade a diversified set of futures markets or specialize in a specific sector, such as agriculture or stock indexes, you’ll appreciate the global market access, trade execution and back-office functionality at Rosenthal Collins Group. From allocations to distributions, from execution to clearing, we’ve got you covered.


Hedge Fund Manager

The futures markets are a special breed. You need a broker who specializes in handling trades in these leveraged instruments with frequent expirations. Count on Rosenthal Collins Group to deliver on both execution and clearing in these unique markets. We’ll help you stay on top of the details so you can focus on trading.


Institutional Trader

Being able to count on your business relationships is vital to your success. We understand your technology, front-end and execution needs, so we offer all the leading platforms as well as a host of industry-leading applications. Importantly, we understand you may have clearing relationships with multiple futures brokers and have created an environment particularly friendly to give-up execution.


Global Financial Services Firms

U.S. futures markets are the most varied and vibrant in the world. And, when they are an ocean or continent away, you need a U.S.-based partner you can trust. Rosenthal Collins Group has been located in the heart of the U.S. futures industry—Chicago—since 1923. Our top leaders have served as exchange chairmen and bring broad connections and cooperation to the table.



There’s no need to take on the risk of establishing a new dedicated department in order to offer futures products to your equity customers. Simply ask Rosenthal Collins Group to provide a turnkey solution for any type of futures trading capability.

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