Account Management

You can use our online portal to gain quick, easy access to every detail about your account and trading – including your own intraday and historical information.

Simply request access with the Electronic Statement Consent Form, and you’ll be set up right away.

RCG Passport
Access RCG Passport Here

Brokers and clients both can access up-to-date information on all trading account activity with RCG Passport. Electronic trades are displayed within minutes of trade execution, and open-outcry trades are displayed soon after they are key-punched on the trading floor.

  • Monitor all trades and open positions on an intraday basis
  • Retrieve and print your daily and monthly account statements, both current and up to five years prior
  • View your daily account cash balance and transactions, including your open trade equity, liquidating value and withdrawable funds
  • Track all margin calls to monitor your risk or that of your customers