RCG Structured Products


The Structured Products Division of Rosenthal Collins Group assists oil and gas producers, refiners, cooperatives, grain processing plants and other commercial end-user clients or brokers to manage price risk and volatility. RCG implements customized risk strategies for clients, leveraging cleared, financially settled products on the CME Clearport and ICE platforms as well as futures and options. Exchange cleared and financially settled products are designed to match a customer’s unique hedging needs, while providing price transparency and mitigating bilateral credit risk.

Markets Served


  • Crude Oil
  • Heating Oil
  • RBOB Gasoline
  • Natural Gas and basis
  • NGL (propane, butane, etc.)
  • Ethanol



Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange

Product Types

  • Traditional futures (Physical)
  • Financial futures (Bullet)
  • Calendar futures (Monthly Average)
  • Traditional options (Physical)
  • Financial options (European options)
  • Average price options (Asian option)


If you need assistance hedging price risk for energy commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, natural gas liquids or ethanol, please contact the RCG Structured Products Division at structuredproducts@rcgdirect.com or 212-437-1850.