Trade Execution

From the trading pit to the trading screen. From Chicago to New York to London to Singapore. At Rosenthal Collins Group, you have all the resources you need for trade execution on major exchanges around the globe.

24 Hour Trade ExecutionWhen you need to trade, you need to trade. We understand that. It’s why we are one of the few firms that supports a fully staffed execution desk 24 hours a day. Our round-the-clock trade execution desk also provides technical support for orders placed through any of our many electronic platforms.

You’ll find every major trading platform available at Rosenthal Collins Group.  For customers requiring low latency connections to major futures exchanges, we offer a wide range of API solutions from the latest technology providers.

Where open-outcry trading remains important, we maintain strategically positioned trading desks on the exchange floors. All of our desks are staffed with experienced personnel, and some offer Priority Desks for high-volume or complex orders.

For customers who hold accounts at other clearing firms, we provide give-up services. Our auto-allocation system automatically allocates electronic or open-outcry trades according to a manager-defined formula, a service that Commodity Trading Advisors and money managers especially enjoy.

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